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  • Each brew method is scalable up or down! Brewing smaller batches will require slightly finer grind size, and brewing larger batches will require slightly coarser grind sizes to keep on your target brew times.
  • The grind size will affect your extraction - which flavors are pulled out of the dry grounds and into the liquid brew. Depending on the size of your ground coffee particles, you will be able to extract more or less in a set time period. If your brew tastes sour and grassy, try grinding finer. If your brew tastes bitter and drying, try grinding coarser.
  • The coffee : water ratio you choose will affect the strength of your final cup - how many solid compounds are pulled into the liquid brew. This directly correlates to how heavy or weighted the coffee will feel in your mouth.  If your brew tastes too weak or watery, try using more coffee. If your brew tastes too sticky and thick, try using less coffee. We recommend brewing in the range of 1:15 - 1:18, by weight.


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