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French Press

  • DOSE: 50g
  • GRIND: Medium
  • WATER: 800g / 205°F
  • TIME: 5 minutes
  1. Pre-heat French Press with hot water, then discard the water before brewing.
  2. Add your ground coffee into the brewer, place brewer on scale, and tare scale.
  3. Begin timer and pour half of your water, 400g, into the brewer. Stir vigorously to ensure the grounds are totally saturated.
  4. At the 1:00 mark, pour the remaining 400g of water - up to your final water weight of 800g.
  5. Place the plunger cap onto the brewer - this will trap in heat and aid in a better extraction.
  6. Optional step for a cleaner cup - use a spoon to skim off the layer of coffee and foam that has formed at the top of the brew chamber.
  7. At 4:30, very slowly press down the plunger. Pour and enjoy!


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