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Savio is one of our core seasonal blends, named for the well-known activist and key member of the Free Speech Movement - Mario Savio.

The coffees are roasted to individual profiles prior to being blended for an optimal flavor collaboration. The components of Savio change multiple times throughout the year to embrace the freshest harvests available to our roasting team.  However, the flavor profile goal remains the same - chocolate driven with a focus on sweetness; accented by a lively acidity and soft fruit flavors.

In comparison to our other blends, Savio will always be the most fruit forward option. But have no fear - it still performs perfectly across every brew method and every milk and sugar addition you could dream of. The current offering is a harmonious blend of African and Central American coffees - Suke Quto & Juan Rodriguez. We’re tasting: apple juice, orange peel, fig, cinnamon roll, brown sugar, baking spices, toffee, chocolate.

  • 50% Suke Quto: a washed processed coffee from one of our longest purchasing relationships, Tesfaye Bekele, who we’ve been working with since 2013. Coffee from Tesfaye’s Suke Quto Farm are combined with cherries from nearly 200 outgrowers throughout the Odo Shakiso area of Guji, Ethiopia.

  • 50% Juan Rodriguez: a washed processed coffee from Mataquescuintla, Guatemala. 2023 marks our second year sourcing this specific coffee for Savio, and we’re now purchasing Don Juan’s entire harvest. He’s an active member of the Cafe Colis Resistencia group that has established a peaceful resistance against an illegal Canadian-owned mining operation in their backyards.

Roasting Schedule

We roast on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and fulfill orders on Monday, Wednesday, Friday.  Orders will always ship within 1 - 4 days of roasting. Orders placed after Wednesday at 11:59pm Eastern will be fulfilled on the following Monday.

Nap Time

Roasted coffee thrives after a brief rest period! Flavors will evolve and become more expressive (i.e. delicious) over time as carbon dioxide escapes from the dense cell walls. We recommend aiming to brew our coffees a minimum of 1 week out from the roast date.

Proper Storage

Our bags feature a resealable zipper, making them the perfect storage vessel. Heat, moisture, and light, are all enemies to coffee and will speed up the aging process. We recommend simply storing in a cool, dry, dark place.

Bag Disposal

Our retail bags are fully compostable! We've also established a local return program in our cafe where you'll receive discounts on future bag purchases.


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