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Biranu Dulo

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This release marks our fourth consecutive season purchasing from Biranu Dulo’s farm in the Tima sub-kebele of the Guji zone. It’s processed and exported by our partner, Ture Waji, and his rapidly growing company, Sookoo Coffee.

You’ve likely heard us mention Ture many times before, as he’s who we now purchase the bulk of our natural processed Ethiopian coffees from - like Daannisa, Bookkisa, and Biranu Dulo from previous years. We’ve been consistently impressed with every coffee we’ve tasted from Sookoo, and we’re thrilled to continue diving deeper and strengthening our relationship with each passing year. They specialize in only natural processed coffees at the moment, working with five groups of farmers within the Odo Shakiso woreda of the Guji Zone. Sookoo focuses on working with small groups and providing education for the farmers - teaching proper farm maintenance, best picking practices, etc.

This is the fourth season that Ture has kept coffees separate from growers with larger than average farms. Biranu Dulo owns 4.5 hectares of land, which is roughly double the average in Guji, and he can produce around 50 60kg bags of green coffee per year. Currently, we’re purchasing around half of his total volume. We established a premium price to Ture that allowed him to cover his higher cherry pricing to Biranu and also give a second payment later in the season. Full transparency in the Ethiopian coffee supply chain has historically been quite complicated. Due to complex regulations on the commodities market, coffee from a single farm would have been impossible to purchase just five years ago. This is why our past Ethiopian offerings have been named after the washing station itself and consisted of hundreds of smallholder farmers’ coffee. Long story short, recent policy changes have now made this possible!

As we’ve come to expect, this natural processed lot from Biranu Dulo is incredibly clean, complex, and fruit-forward. The acidity is juicy and mouth-watering, like pineapple and raspberries. The saturated fruit flavors and honey-like sweetness produce a very elegant, silky body. Layers of milk chocolate and vanilla round out the experience to keep the coffee beautifully balanced. Biranu Dulo is everything we love about natural processed coffees, like explosive fruit flavors that make you re-imagine what coffee can be, but presented in a sparkling, refined package. We’re tasting: strawberry, blueberry, cherry, red grape, orange blossom, lavender, lemon icing, honey, white sugar, vanilla, poptart, danish, sweet tea, milk chocolate.


Our relationship with Ture is a true testament of what’s possible in today’s age of the internet. The initial connection was established when he reached out to our green coffee buyer on instagram back in December of 2018. We soon learned that he used to be the manager for a dry-processing station we purchased from many years ago, Guji Highlands. Ture explained how he had decided to start his own company with a huge focus on quality and transparency. And the rest is history. Ever since that first season, we’ve been blown away by nearly all samples we’ve tasted! They were (and still are) some of the cleanest natural processed coffees we’ve ever, hands down. It’s no surprise that in specialty coffee circles he’s been lovingly nicknamed The King of Guji. 

Our primary relationship for all things Sookoo related is directly with Ture. After coffees are selected and prices are agreed upon each year, we then transition into working closely with Tim Hill at Atlantic Specialty Coffee. They handle the logistics of moving the coffee across the ocean, importing, and warehousing for us throughout the year. 


The strict attention to detail in the drying stage is what separates Ture Waji’s coffees from the rest of the pack. There are two key components to his technique - (a) lots of moving and turning of the coffees, a minimum of six times per day and (b) a very shallow bed of cherries, a maximum of only one inch.

Because of the nature of drying the fruit around the seed, coffee processed this way is inherently packed with intense fruit flavors; but because of these specific protocols, coffees from Sookoo are particularly crisp and clean. You get all of the big fruit juice flavors and none of the murky over-fermented or over-ripe fruit flavors that can sometimes accompany a naturally processed coffee.


Brewing this coffee is quite versatile! Any way you slice it, you’re in for a mouthful of fruit flavor and a lot of natural sweetness. Finer grinds tend to bring out a fuller body and more intense flavors. You’ll find the flavor becomes more concentrated, like raspberry jam and chocolate. Coarser grinds will boost the flavor clarity and complexity - so in addition to berries and chocolate, you’ll find a plethora of tropical fruit and flowers in the cup.

If your brew is watery, lacking sweetness, and sour like under ripe berries - try grinding finer.

If your brew is drying and the flavors are muddled and unclear, like oversteeped black tea or cocoa powder - try grinding coarser.

Roasting Schedule

We roast on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and fulfill orders on Monday, Wednesday, Friday.  Orders will always ship within 1 - 4 days of roasting. Orders placed after Wednesday at 11:59pm Eastern will be fulfilled on the following Monday.

Nap Time

Roasted coffee thrives after a brief rest period! Flavors will evolve and become more expressive (i.e. delicious) over time as carbon dioxide escapes from the dense cell walls. We recommend aiming to brew our coffees a minimum of 1 week out from the roast date.

Proper Storage

Our bags feature a resealable zipper, making them the perfect storage vessel. Heat, moisture, and light, are all enemies to coffee and will speed up the aging process. We recommend simply storing in a cool, dry, dark place.

Bag Disposal

Our retail bags are fully compostable! We've also established a local return program in our cafe where you'll receive discounts on future bag purchases.


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